Qualifying Questionnaire

Have you been thinking about building new housing for your clients?  Do you have a building that needs to be renovated or refreshed?  

Who we are: HomeAid Austin is a 501(C)(3) charity, sponsored by the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin (HBA), and our mission is to “build new lives for Austin’s homeless through housing and community outreach”.

Who we serve: Most HomeAid shelters serve people who are temporarily homeless due to circumstances beyond their control: job loss, natural disasters and other catastrophes, illness and medical problems, domestic violence and more.

Where we build: One of 18 chapters nationwide, we partner with homeless care providers in 6 counties in the Greater Austin area to build residential-style housing, utilizing HBA members who donate their labor and materials. We’re currently working on building our local website, but you can visit www.homeaid.org for more general info on our organization.

What we build:  Major construction/remodeling: These projects are designed to build residential-style housing that provides beds for a homeless care provider.  We are looking for an agency that has been in operation for a minimum of five years, with a sound business and financial plan, good history in the community, experienced staff and a committed board of directors.  HomeAid is typically able to get 30% - 60% of the cost of the project donated by HBA members; the agency is responsible for the remainder of the costs. HomeAid Care projects are smaller remodeling projects, in the $10,000 - $25,000 range and are designed to provide housing and/or improve the spaces in which care providers work.  These projects are for both more experienced agencies and newer organizations and are completely underwritten by HomeAid and the HBA.

HomeAid Austin Qualifying Questionnaire